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Brand Statement Crafting Guide for Marketers

Crafting brand statement

Brand Statement Crafting Guide for Marketers

Crafting brand statement

Brand statement significant points

Communicating what your brand is all about is an essential point in every business. Brand statement explains what your brand should be known for. It includes your brand’s reputation, specialty, services and best attributes. The clearer your brand is, the more effective you can lay down your marketing plans. It is also a vital part in presenting and communicating your brand to your social media agency. In this way, you can establish a smooth relationship in ensuring that you are on the same page when reaching your goals.

Crafting your brand statement

Know your brand’s goals

No one can tell the best attributes of your brand better than you. Establish your brand’s goal well and know exactly what you aim for. Before you start crafting your brand statement, make sure you know your brand’s value. What problems will your products and services solve?

Determine your target audience

Knowing your audience is fundamental to the success of your business. In order to better craft your brand statement, try to know who they are, their age, income and what things will drive your audience toward your business. Your brand statement should first and foremost become attractive and interesting to your target audience.

Your customers’ need is your focus

Start with the customer base’s needs. What your customers need is to know that you can efficiently provide their basic needs from your business. Every customer has varying needs. You must ensure that what your brand statement meets your customers’ need.

Keep it real and genuine

Research well and keep your statement genuine. Research is necessary to ensure that what you state is not too ideal to be true or not supported by facts. Using the adjectives “best,” “leading,” “top of the line,” and more should be backed by real figures or proof even if these facts will not be blatantly mentioned in your brand statement. You must be able to answer with credibility in case questions arise.

Know your cut above the rest

What is your brand’s distinguishing features? Never miss to include what you offer best that makes your brand and business unique from your competitors. The essence of brand statement is communicating why your audience should support your brand and pick you against your competitors.


Are you ready to craft your brand statement? Your two-liner brand statement will determine your whole brand so make sure you nail the best words to describe it.
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