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Engaging with Chinese, Weibo or WeChat?

Weibo and WeChat are the mostly used social media platforms in China

Engaging with Chinese, Weibo or WeChat?

When Facebook is out, Weibo is in; when Whatsapp and Line are not feeling well in China, WeChat is escalating fast. China’s internet is another world, you may need some advice before advancing this emerging market.

This is the mostly asked question by the ones who want to engage with Chinese online community. Simply saying, Sina’s Weibo (micro-blog) is like Twitter, users can compose a tweet (message) no longer than 140 characters. Whereas WeChat is a hot product of Tencent which integrates friends sharing platform (Moments, or 朋友圈 in Chinese) and instant messenger function. Both applications are having over 100 million monthly active users.

When you are very green to China market, you are advised to activate a Weibo account to taste the Chinese online community, their online cultures, community jargon and conversation manner and behavior are very unique. Another reason is the account application and verification process and daily operation for Weibo is much easier than that of WeChat.

On Weibo you can engage with new fans or customers easily, as your contents are supposed to be viewed publicly, both fans or non-fans can get your messages. You may get viral effects if your contents are really funny to get shared by groups of internet users. But WeChat is designed for in-friend communication which you can import WeChat contacts from your phone book or other social media platform. If you are operating a WeChat official account (similar to a business page on Facebook), you need to pay efforts to seek for new fans or followers because your official account is new to Chinese market.

Positioning Weibo and WeChat

Weibo is a good platform for you to engage with Chinese users where they can learn and understand your brand, your company and your product. If you are now doing a sales promotion or discount, do voice it out on Weibo! If your brand is more mature and having a quite solid fan base, you may think of activating a WeChat official account as a CRM arm to retain the existing clients by delivering membership offers or loyalty programs.

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Weibo and WeChat are the mostly used social media platforms in China


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