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China Digital Marketing

No Facebook, Twitter, Google, nor YouTube. This is just a shortlist of the many digital and social media giants that are denied access to China’s exploding social-media space. The world’s largest digital and social media market is vastly different from its counterpart in the West.

Despite being part of Greater China; consumers in China are very much different in terms of their local culture, language and behaviour. Understanding this is vitally important to your china digital marketing strategy.

Dedicated to developing strategic, cohesive, end-to-end solutions for brands, navigating entry points and bringing its clients to the core of the Greater China Market, our services include:

  • SINA WEIBO 新浪微博

    Sina Weibo Advertising
    Overseas Enterprise Account Verification

  • BAIDU 百度

    Baidu Advertising

  • WECHAT 微信

    WeChat Management

  • MEITUAN 美团

    Meituan Advertising

Sina Weibo 新浪微博

Sina Weibo is China’s largest microblogging social media platform for people to create, share and discover Chinese-language content.


IH Digital is appointed Sina Weibo’s Official Partner Agency in Southeast Asia. This partnership allows IH Digital to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions as well as Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China. These services will be provided via the company offices located throughout Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.

Baidu 百度

A Baidu Authorised Reseller, IH Digital’s China arm, IH Digital China, was appointed in 2014 to resell Baidu advertising in 14 countries across Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor, Brunei and India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.


Our media specialists are readily trained in Baidu Search, Baidu Display (Baidu Union) and a range of other Baidu Premium offerings.

WeChat 微信

It is without a doubt that WeChat (微信) is currently the hottest mobile app in China with over 846 million registered users as of 2016.

Known as the Whatsapp of China, WeChat allows brands to establish affinity with the Chinese market. Apart from crafting localised content geared towards Chinese audiences, we have also managed e-commerce on WeChat platforms for clients such as Ricola and Shilla DFS.

Meituan 美团

Meituan-Dianping is China’s largest group deals site, reaching up to 10 million orders and deliveries daily. As of June 2016, there are over 180 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users.


Similar to the American Groupon, Meituan-Dianping offers a wide array of services, including ticket bookings/travel reservations/shopping vouchers. With more than 2.1 Chinese million tourists visiting Singapore annually, we believe that Meituan-Dianping will help you to reach out to the Chinese audience.

Cultural & Language Expertise

The Chinese language varies widely across the Greater China Region. Their unique language and cultural mores can’t be ignored if we want to capture the attention of the local audiences.


With members across the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, our team members comprise of local talent with knowledge and insight of the Chinese market, and the specific skill sets to tackle China’s unique social and digital landscape.

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