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TripAdvisor: 8 Awesome Features


TripAdvisor: 8 Awesome Features


TripAdvisor: Your travel buddy

Planning your trip won’t be complete without reading a review on TripAdvisor. A review from this website will usually pop on the screen when you search for hints about a particular place. If you are fond of travelling, you might have come across the nice reviews on this travel website. Whether you are a regular review contributor or a travel planner who checks out reviews quite a lot, TripAdvisor is definitely your best buddy. It holds more than 190m reviews and opinions from travelers around the globe and more than 4.4m businesses and properties in some 145,000 destinations including hotels, restaurants, attractions and vacation rentals.

But did you know that TripAdvisor can give you more than that? What’s the best thing about checking out reviews in this website? Is there any other feature that it can give its visitors? Check out the cool features of TripAdvisor.

Candid traveler photos

Unlike other travel websites, TripAdvisor allows users to contribute their very own travel photos for the public’s viewing. In essence, viewers can get a closer look around places, hotels, sceneries, etc.

Experts’ reviews

Because we want credible information when checking out reviews, many of the TripAdvisor forums feature “Destination Experts.” They are the regular review contributors who are passionate about sharing the best about their experiences.

Compare hotel prices in real time

Good news! Hotel price comparison feature, which was previously available only on smartphones, is now available on tablets and desktops. This cool functionality allows users to finally see real-time hotel room prices and availability from booking partners, all in a single page.

Vacation Rentals and Vacation Rental Calculator

Because most travelers want to maximize their budget, TripAdvisor got a calculator handy for everyone’s use! The Vacation Rentals gives travelers the access to information and photos on some 650,000 vacation home rental listings worldwide. With the Vacation Rental Calculator, it will be easy for travelers to compare accommodation options. Using this, users can instantly know the cost that they can save when deciding on staying on a rental home or hotel. Moreover, several factors to budgeting such as number of persons, number of nights and dining options can be keyed in too.

Planning made easy

Want to make a personalised planning? With TripAdvisor, it’s going to be really easy. Note all hotel, restaurant and travel reviews you want by saving them in one place! You can even expand your travel plans by adding in your very own notes, photos and travel plan details.

Get quick answers to queries

In different forums, people usually seek answers to their travel questions and had to wait for a reply. On TripAdvisor, records show that almost 85% of questions posted get replies within 24 hours.

The best mapping tool

Looking for the perfect hotel for you? Easy peasy! TripAdvisor maps mashup combines hotel popularity, price and availability in one excellent mapping tool.

A plus for digital marketing strategy

Did you know that TripAdvisor offers travel suppliers an effective advertising and cost-per-click marketing platforms? Yes, that’s right! Now, there’s more reason for you to make use of TripAdvisor for your digital marketing strategy..

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